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Find out what makes you unique, advises Jayson Lo, who adapted the DISC Personality Types to Pinoys.
When I say the internet is using its extendable design to clean everything, I mean *everything.*
‘You can't be super opinionated about every single thing. That's gonna drive you crazy. You have to pick your battles.’
Plus activities that deserve a spot in your itinerary!
There’s danger in being surrounded by 'enablers'—people who tolerate their friend's behavior no matter the consequences.
There is a line between someone being funny and just plain rude.
Miss Universe Organization Chief Executive Officer Anne Jakrajutatip wows everyone with her words.
Pack your coats and brave the snow for an unforgettable vacay!
These spots will have you feeling like it couldn't have been that long ago.
Wonder if those cures you see in series or movies really work? This is my experience.